The Joines Family Tree


I began gathering family information soon after I married, so I could "figure out" my new family.  That was the beginning of an obsessive search for family photos, documents, stories, and other bits of family history.  Now it is not unusual  to spend hours looking through  cemetaries in hopes of adding a piece to the puzzle.

This website is my attempt to share some of this information with others who would like to discover more about the past.  Clicking on the family listing to the left will take you to pages with some information about the family and a selection of the many photos I have scanned over the last few years.  

When possible, I try to list sources and give credit due to others.  However, I often recieve copies of documents and "boxes of stuff" from others...these don't alway have notes about the original source.  If you recognize your work or items where you own the originals, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.


  • The Blessing Family moved from Tennessee to Texas. Surnames include Blessing, Patton, and  Garlington.

  • The Britt Family  was from  Arkansas and moved to Texas.  Surnames include Britt, Self, Messer, and Yarborough.

  • The Kradel Family came from Germany to Pennsylvania.  Surnames include Kradel, Thompson, and  McClung.

  • The Wright Family immigrated from Scotland, then helped settle east Texas.  Surnames include Denmon, Wright, Cunningham.
  • The Joines Family is still somewhat of a mystery.   If anyone has information about Clyde Eugene Joines, from East Texas/Houston, please let me know.

I also publish my family tree as the brjoines database on RootsWeb. Click here for my online family tree.